Team work makes the dream work

When families reunite and the joy is spread all across the room, the moments are cherished and remembered by the young to the old who is surrounded by kids to hear to their stories. The stories are incomplete without the grandmother or the grandfather remembering how their mother who would prepare the best food for him with what she could afford at home filled with love and her special ingredients which she learnt from her mother. As everyone listen to these stories they can’t resist water filling their mouth and not able to take their mind of the food. But in this fast moving world to take time off to prepare this kind of food or in search for them shopping around the city is something everyone can’t afford. That’s where we are your one stop solution.
Sandigeatdoors, has a legacy of 40 years of preparing homemade food and distributing all over India. With the revolutionary movement of E-commerce in world, Sandigeatdoors one off the first’s to enter the E-commerce movement in India with a promise to keep of delivering the best homemade food to your doorstep with no hidden agenda.
We make each of the food products at home, with hygiene and love. We deliver the same quality of food of any quantity all across India at your doorstep.
We assure you that our product will bring families together!